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Sales-Content Marketing Automation

Automate and monitor your Content Marketing activities with Prospecteer™

Prospecteer's Sales-Content Marketing Automation platform provides all the tools you need to create, publish, and monitor your online demand generation and marketing campaigns. Prospecteer integrates content marketing with automation and focuses exclusively on management, automation and analytics of content marketing campaigns.

The Prospecteer content marketing platform is specifically designed to integrate the work of marketers and sales representatives enabling you to build a whole marketing-sales cycle. Prospecteer provides powerful tools to build localised microsites, deliver multi-lingual email campaigns, publish personalised collateral portfolios, analyse user activity, and score leads.

Watch our short slideshare and find out why we call this Marketing Automation 2.0

Prospecteer for Marketing

Improve Lead Quality

Through the use of personalisation and lead nurturing Prospecteer enables you to increase your response and conversion rates, shorten sales cycles, and deliver improved lead quality.

Reduce Costs

What worked and what didn't? With its advanced campaign analytics Prospecteer provides an in-depth insight into campaign effectiveness, enabling you to make better-informed decisions, and abandon unsuccessful initiatives before they drain finances.

Improve Customer Engagement

Meaningful engagement with customers increases your opportunity to influence their decisions. Through its personalised emails and interactive social tools Prospecteer allows you to engage with your prospects and customers in new and exciting ways.

Prospecteer for Sales

Increase Revenue

According to the leading analyst firm Sirius Decisions, the use of Marketing Automation technologies, such as Prospecteer, paired with good processes can yield up to 5x the number of closed deals.

Better Quality Leads

By scoring and nurturing your leads Prospecteer helps you identify those prospects most likely to buy. Rather than hours of cold-calling, with Prospecteer you can focus your sales activity on higher value opportunities that are more likely to close.

Sales Intelligence on Hand

Prospecteer's behavioural analytics tools provide sales with additional intelligence about their prospects. This digital body language provides information as to what that prospect is most interested in and in which direction to take an opening sales conversation.